Make your home a HAPPY one.

Growing up in a house full of women, we made things work on a tight budget and believe me, things were tight but always pretty!  My grandmother taught me some amazing things in life and one of those things was how to sew.  My Mother taught me that some fresh paint and wallpaper could work wonders with any room and my Aunt Judy taught me how to see God in it all. It's amazing to look back and see where God has brought me from to where I am now.  The love I have for my sweet little family, is conveyed throughout our home.  Making it a happy one that, hopefully, will always be remembered.  Being able to share my love for Jesus, my little family and our home is a true blessing.

I hope you enjoy our home as much as we do and that you'll always feel welcome when visiting.  It really is a true honor to share my life with you.