Adding Lace

I’ve still been sewing and adding lace to my existing clothes.

  I’ll admit, I’m no seamstress when it comes to making clothes, but I can add some frills and be happy with the turn out.

Remember the shorts I shared with you?  Well, I had so many wanting to see them being modeled.  Now please, realize I am not a size 2, but am a size 14 and 47 years old.  My days of being skinny are over, which I am happy with since a little fat hides wrinkles and definitely gives some curves.

I do not tan either, but am in desperate need of one from my tanning lotion, lol!  So overlook my white legs!  They are so comfortable!

See how they aren’t the short shorts like all of the young girls wear?  Even when I was young, I never liked the short shorts.  Thankfully the long shorts were in style in the 80’s and 90’s.

I had a shirt tucked away in my closet that I’ve always loved.  One of the down falls that prevented me from feeling good wearing it was that it was way too long.  It was also a bright white and see through.  I decided to dip it into some pink RIT dye and then cut off the hem and re-hem it.  Now I am pleased!!!

The pink embroidery was already this color so it only made sense to dye it a pale pink!

Seeing so many pretty t-shirts  on Pinterest gave me an idea with making this plain white T into something I could wear with my jeggings and polka dot flats…it just kinda spruces up the whole look.

Not bad for a cheapie $5 T-shirt!

Now this top has been in my closet for about 10 years.  It had long sleeves with pearls and diamonds at the wrists and has  always been really big.  So….I cut the sleeves off, added lace,  then took up the shirt on the sides and then cut the hem off and added this gorgeous lace I found at JoAnn Fabrics, at the bottom.  I absolutely adore these types of shirts.  My husband doesn’t because he says they’re frumpy and that I need to show off my figure.  I do not feel the same…. I call them flouncy tops and I love them!  They hide things you don’t want to be seen.

It turned out pretty good and I should get another 10 years out of it!   Since summer is right around the corner, I guess I better get to sewing  a little faster!  I love being comfortable but I also love feeling feminine!  Adding lace makes me feel just that!

And I better start that tanning lotion asap!

6 thoughts on “Adding Lace”

  1. Your sewing skills never fail to amaze me–even though I helped you learn! You’ve far surpassed anything I could ever do. The lace additions are gorgeous and you’ve made tops that perfectly reflect your love of anything romantic. Hmmmm…I need to go through my clothes and bring a few pieces to you to be Melanized.

  2. Just beautiful! Do you have an Etsy shop where you sell these? If not, you should. You are very talented.

  3. Muy guapa mi querida melanie, con esas prendas a las cuales le has añadido encajes ,me súper encantan, te ves muy bonita y romántica. Muchos besitos, que tengas una semana bendecida, Dios te bendiga 😙😙💖💖

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