Dressing More Romantic

I’ve made up my mind…I am going to dress more romantic!

Last year, while shopping with my daughters, I ran across a coverlet that I fell in love with.  I tried to get my oldest daughter to buy it but she doesn’t share my taste with pastels and lace.  She told me to buy it, and I did just that.  Now when I got home, I quickly realized that I had nothing to pair it with.  For years, I’ve wanted to dress with more of a romantic vibe, more pastels, lace, white washed denim and such…but trying to find clothing like that in our local area is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!  Shopping online is even more of an obstacle to me with sizes and price!

Anyways, here is the coverlet with a top I made to wear under it.

I bought an  all white shell top at Walmart for $4.  The shell top was way too white to pair with the creamy lace coverlet. So that’s when I decided to dye it the pale pink and add the creamy fringe to the bottom.  I was so pleased with how they paired well together!  I wished I would have taken a before photo now!

The lace coverlet came from Charlotte Russe.   I love flouncy tops, but getting them to not make me look bigger than I am, is hard sometimes.  Adding the fringe helped weigh down the lightweight top, giving it more of a structure that showed my natural curves rather than cover them.  I have a small waist but a “badonkadonk” as my husband says.  Flouncy tops hide my waist and just go straight down which makes me look as big as my derriere.  I want to show my natural curves without showcasing them with tight clothes.  Also having decent sized breasts don’t help either with flouncy tops.  Like I said, they hide my smallest part which is my waist.

 I decided that I would make my own lacy shorts since I’ve wanted a pair for since forever!  The ones sold in the sores and online are short shorts, and I can’t handle that!  I had some flare jeans that I no longer wear simply because I am a skinny jeans gal all of the way.   No flares for me anymore!  I even have my Momma wearing them now and she loves them!

I added some lace, gimp, and doilies to the legs and pockets.  Then I added some rips and tears that will get better with time.

Now, I need to find some pretty tops to wear with them!  And look, they aren’t short shorts like all of the tiny girls wear!  With my chunky thighs, they are the perfect length!

Here’s another pair I made.

My oldest really liked these…so that made me happy!

Along with these, I made some other jeans into shorts, but with no added frills.  They’ll be good for wearing with some dainty blouses.   I also added darts to some blouse shells, making them more flattering.   I’m slowly getting there.

One good thing I realized with making the shorts is that I have basically stayed the same size with my jeans for over 15 years!  That made my day when I realized this!  But it also tells you that I keep clothes for a really looong time, lol.

 With having thyroid issues, anyone that deals with it, you know that gaining weight is part of the issue with this disease.  So I am happy my weight hasn’t went drastic through the years.  Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Well, I really need to go clean up my mess from sewing all day yesterday.  Thanks for stopping in and I pray you all are having a blessed week!


7 thoughts on “Dressing More Romantic”

    1. I sure will….but first I need to get my self tanning cream out and get to work, lol! Thyroid disease sure stinks sometimes doesn’t it?! But with God, all things are possible so I keep moving forward and trying to take care of my body God blessed me with. Since I started the gluten free and low sodium diet, I haven’t gained and I don’t struggle with all of the pain anymore in my joints like I used to. I also have Hashimotos. Thank you so much for stopping by and I pray you are feeling well.

  1. Super cute, Melanie! Great job on all that you did. I used to make all my own clothes. It was the best way to make things unique AND have things that fit. I just replaced my 45 yr old sewing machine my mom gifted me (so I’d quit using hers back in the day). I’m inspired to sew again, but need to do some rearranging in the house to make it more enticing to just sit down and sew. Looking forward to it.

    1. That’s too funny! I have Mammaw’s old sewing machine and retired it about 5 years ago after buying a new one. I absolutely love sewing! When I sit down and sew, I could sew for ever and ever. I took sewing classes in middle school and still have things I made. I have to say they’re still in great shape after all of these years. Making clothes has never been fun for me, I always love making slipcovers way better…but I am thinking I may be able to finally get what I want with adding to and making my clothes custom. Have fun with your new machine and sew your little heart out!

  2. Gorgeous, Melanie. I have to say that is something I have always pictured you wearing anyway–whether you were or not. I think of you as a romantic and a lover of lace and anything ultra feminine. Good for you- you have found your true style…and that is not always easy to do. xo Diana

    1. Aww Diana, you’re too kind! I have a few items that are frilly and romantic that I wear, but I’ve never been able to go all of the way with it. I am going to now! Might take me some time and money, but I am going to do it instead of wishing and dreaming.

  3. Hola querida melanie, has adquirido una prenda de vestir preciosa, muy romántica, me encanta. Los pantalones cortos te han quedado muy románticos, con esos encajes que le has añadido,me super encantan. De seguro que estas muy linda con esas prendas tan encantadoras . Yo también, intento comprarme prendas de vestir romántica y encantadora. Muchos besitos mi niña, Dios te bendiga 😙😙

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