Has Your Life Been Busy Like Mine?

Summer has flown by….where has it gone to?

My life has been so busy all summer long.  I haven’t gotten to play around the house any!  I have some sewing jobs that I haven’t had time to do and I apologize to those that are waiting.  Life has given me a few twists, but thankfully with God’s mercy, I’ve adapted.  Recently, I caught myself feeling like I was in a rut…a huge, never ending rut!  So I had a day off from work, free  from running errands and taking care of responsibilities.  I made up my mind that I would dedicate it to what I enjoy…creating and decorating.  I visited a dear friends shop sale and spotted two old doors she had for sale.  My mind began to run wild with all of the possibilities.  We just recently bought a new Jeep and I’ve not hauled anything in it yet…so these doors would be my very first haul.  I was keeping my fingers crossed that they’d fit into the back.  And they did!!!  Yay!!!

In the kitchen, we had two french doors that I absolutely hated!  Some time ago, we made one of the doors into a sliding pocket door, but it was so heavy and it didn’t have any character.  The other door is stationery.  I’d love to rip them out, but they were put in after the house was built and then another room was added.  It would be a task for sure and a pricey one at that.  So I’ve made due.  Here is what the new door looks like.

To save space from a swinging door, the pocket door does the trick!  Just look at that door….all weathered up and showing true scars from a life well lived.  Just like mine…so we hit it off perfectly!  The glass was missing and I thought about replacing it with mirrors, but where the door is seen from both sides, I didn’t want to have that headache not to mention the price tag.  I wanted to complete the door in a day…so my Mother came up with the bright idea with  using a vinyl sheet that goes into overhead lighting for drop ceilings.  BRILLIANT and cheap!  I opted for the white for privacy instead of the clear.  The door is so much lighter and easier to push and pull.  Who knows…maybe one day, I’ll be rich and can rip out this whole wall and start over.  But for now, this is just fine with me.

Adding character to a home makes my eyes happy!

All of my slipcovers need washed, but like I said, I haven’t had time.  I’ve done good to wash my every day clothes, lol.

Notice that little fireplace?  That was a yard sale find that I snatched up this summer and painted white.  I can’t wait until Christmas to decorate it all up!

We moved the large sofa to another room….this little loveseat stayed.  It’s the perfect size for this room with all of the chairs.

Another mirror was found, painted and added.  This gorgeous mirror makes number 61 added to my mirror collection!  I’ve found that mirrors reflect our beautiful home and all of the natural light which is absolutely lovely to see.  I really do love mirrors!  So that’s it for me right now.  There’s a lot I haven’t shared simply because of time being so short.  I pray all of you are blessed and loved.  I’ve prayed for so many these past few months.  Time is winding down for all of us here on this earth, you can see the earth moaning in travail can’t you?  I pray we all know who Jesus is and have Him in our hearts.



3 thoughts on “Has Your Life Been Busy Like Mine?”

  1. Oh my goodness – the things you do! I know exactly how you feel. We’ve lived in our home for over 13 years. My previous home was very girly/flowery. This home, I made cabin/lodge for my husband. 13 YEAR! I was OK with it as I loved collecting the things to make it cute. However, earlier this year, blogs like yours and Penny’s started me thinking. So, with the help of a dear friend who collects tea cups, we started shopping for girly things and PINK things. I’ve started working on my house and each change/addition has brought me great joy. I have windows purchased to make a room divider like you have – thank you for the inspiration. I’m so excited to be able to change my house back to ME. So thankful that my sweet husband is AOK with it, too. In fact, he often comments favorably on this or that that I’ve done. Thanks again! I’m excited to see what you’re going to do for fall and then Christmas.

  2. Hola querida melanie, cada vez que miro tu romántico y encantador hogar, me quedo maravillada. Se ve cada estancia tan acogedora y cálida. Si ,preciosa amiga, todas las señales de que Jesús está a las puertas. Dios te continúe bendiciendo junto a tu linda family, muchos besitos 😙😙

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