Hiding the Ugly

We all have those ugly parts of our homes that we all detest and try to hide.

One of mine is this side of our home.  It has all of the utilities and those blasted power lines coming in from the power pole.  This is the side that gets hit by all of the weather too.  For years, before we changed our telephone service, we would be without phone service when it rained.  Used to drive me nuts!  Then the phone company put a little casing box over the phone cable and that helped.  But between that , the gas meter and the electric meter along with the heating and cooling unit…it  was just not a pretty side to see!  I did the standard thing and bought these panels from Lowes to cover them and try to make them look better.

Unfortunately the wind would blow them down, so we had to drive stakes into the ground and tie them together with wire which was just tacky looking to me.  See how the electric meter was still seen?

Well, that’s when I came up with the idea of making a little house for the electric meter and phone casing.

Once again, my sweetheart took my idea and turned it into something real.  We really just fly by the seat of our pants when creating something new, lol.  But I think we make a pretty good team!

I had a door a friend had given me stored in the garage for over a year.  Finally it was put to good use!  See how the gas meter is sitting?  We were unable to make the house big enough to hide it  due to it being out too far.  The house would have really been a house!

It looks so much better now!!!  And everything is hid!  Now I just wish I could hide that heating and cooling unit and the pipe going up the side of the house, but it’s up really high!  We planted a cherry blossom tree at the right hand corner of this photo in hopes of one day making this side of the house look even better.  There is a crepe myrtle bush that used to hide the heating and cooling unit.  It almost died a few years back from the extreme winter we had.  Thankfully, it’s slowly coming out of it once we cut it way back.    I still need to plant flowers in the window boxes towards the back.  I just recently planted two azalea bushes under the windows.  Tulips were planted where the two larger pine trees are along with some other flowers and roses.  Soon, hostas will be overtaking the bare spots and fill in nicely.

We are really pleased with how it turned out and helps to protect everything.  Painting the door and house white and then using black paint for the roof, helps tie it all in with the rest of the house.  I added some garden fencing and a scrolly piece to the top to add a little garden charm.  There is still more I want to do, but it all takes money and I have to wait until I get more, lol!    I also made the little birdhouse from an old bedpost, some spare wood, a picket fence as the roof and a ceramic scrolly piece.  I see more rose bushes coming soon!  The lattice hides the gas meter and gives a beautiful backdrop for the pink roses.  Finally, this side of our home is looking so much better!

I can’t wait until all of the flowers start to bloom together!  Maybe next year they’ll all be in unison.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’re having a blessed Monday!

5 thoughts on “Hiding the Ugly”

  1. That looks great and really gives a nice, neat ‘finished’ look to things. You are lucky that you and hubby are BOTH handy and can do things like that. It is a perfect use for that door!

    Blessings- xo Diana

  2. Hola melanie, si ,ha sido un acierto esa ” casita “,para tapar los medidores de gas,electricidad. Ha quedado preciosa, haciendo juego con la fachada de la casa. Luego las plantas con sus flores, ponen su encanto. Muchos besitos mi niña, Dios te bendiga 😙😙

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