I Guess Learning New Things Is always Good

Please hang in there with me on this new adventure!  Word Press is way different than simple blogger, so I’m not sure I’m doing this right yet.  I still haven’t figured out how to transfer it to here so if any of you have “simple” directions on how to do so, please let me know!  I tried to do it once but none of my photos came though, just the posts and comments.

Things have been hectic around here for the past few weeks.  It seems that there is never enough time in the day to conquer all that I want to do.  I did however, add some curtains to the window wall. 

The ruffles add to the charm from the chair, don’t ya think?

Mom paid a visit last week and I found the cutest trey at Home Goods.  It was too rustic for my taste, so I gave it a fresh coat of white paint.  I’m still not quite happy with the color though

The white really looks like a grayish white…but it is still pretty for grouping things on the coffee table.

I spent the day rearranging furniture, so things do not look like this anymore.  I’ll post new photos later.  I’m still trying to figure out about Word Press, so right now, I’m trying to get acquainted with posting.

I bought a new lens for my camera and a remote…thinking that may help with the sharpness.  And it has!  I’m still learning about Aperture, what ISO setting to use in certain lighting, and using all of the settings that are on my camera.  I’ve had this camera for a few years and I’ve never sat down to really studied it until a few weeks ago.

The lighting in the hall is really poor so I’m really impressed with the quality of how this photo turned out.  I will “get it” before all is said and done!

Taking photos with overhead lighting was told to me as an absolute no no…but look at the detail on this photo!  I’m really loving the editing program that came with our new computer.  That’s another story for later, lol.  I spent weeks studying computers over which one was best for us and our budget.  But I am really happy with what we purchased!

Using my tripod and remote really made a huge difference with my photos.  When Marian was here back in September,  with the photo shoot for Romantic Homes, she gave me some really good advice.   I’m really thankful for all she gave me!

I’m really excited with how things have been progressing with my photography skills.  I’ve never had the money to really tackle it how I would like, but slowly I am budging forward and some day I will get there!

On an overcast day like it was today, these photos turned out way better than what they have in the past.  Having new knowledge and being able to use it has been thrilling to me!

I hope all of you had a blessed Valentine’s Day!  I know I sure did….see those pink flowers to the left?  Those were a present from my daughters.  They’re Azalea’s and I can’t wait to plant them!  Spring will be here before we know it, but I’m still hoping for some snow!

29 thoughts on “I Guess Learning New Things Is always Good”

    1. I’m just wondering, do you sell slipcovers or give tutorials, like Youtube? I’ve never sown and am a single mom of 4 on a limited income but would really like to make some slipcovers as we are moving into a new home. I would like to actually decorate this home! That will be a new adventure for me but I have to be very frugal about it so diy is going to become my friend… Any help you can offer? I completely love what you do!

      Thank you!

      1. I know exactly what you are talking about! Occasionally, I do custom slipcovers locally but sometimes will make simple covers for ottomans and such that do not require a custom fit. There are some really great tutorials on YouTube with how to measure and make your own slipcovers. As for the sewing part, I recommend that you buy a sewing machine from JoAnn Fabrics because they will help you find the right one for what you are wanting. They also offer free sewing classes to help you get acquainted with your new machine. I wish you the best and if you need any things else, feel free to ask. I’ll always try and help 😉

    1. I’m still trying to figure that one out, lol! But all that I know now is that from following other web pages, I add them to my bookmarks. If you figure it out before I do, please let me know!

  1. Hola querida hermana melanie, me súper encanta esta nueva andadura, que recién comienzas. Con la ayuda santa y buena de Dios, te va a ir bien. Muy lindas las imágenes de tu encantador y romántico hogar. Muchos besitos, Dios te bendiga 😙😙

  2. You did good on your first post, Melanie!! Whooo Hoooo!!
    Your place is so pretty and I bet even more beautiful in person than the camera shows. You KNOW how much I love your sweet RA fabric that you have used. It is all just so very, very pretty. Great job with your new/old camera! Love it. xo Diana

  3. I’m so happy for you and this new adventure! I’ve been following your blog and facebook for years. I absolutely love every little corner of your home. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us. By the way, I totally understand what you mean about the hard work it takes to learn to take pictures and the lack of help out there even from friends! But God is good and I am just amazed how He helps us even with the little ordinary things of daily life. I wish you the best!!!

  4. Your photos are almost life size …very realistic on this media! I love the slipcovers you make and although I am a fairly skilled sewer, I have no skill in that arena! A true blessing, among the many you have and share:-)

  5. Hey Melanie! Fellow West Virginian here! I just LOVE your gorgeous home! I always look forward to seeing your emails come through my inbox. I will be following you! Thanks for sharing your ideas and pictures!

  6. I’m following also, Melanie. You’re right – your photos look terrific! It’s amazing how you’ve been able to alter the exposure in dark areas and on cloudy days. Your home looks beautiful. Best wishes for growing success!

  7. Love, love, love everything you do, Mel!!! Do you have a ‘ruffler’ on your sewing machine? All those ruffles MUST take time!!! I don’t want to miss out on your blog, so be sure to let us know how to ‘get’ everything that you send out!

    1. Thank you Barb! Yes, I do have a ruffler foot for my sewing machine but I don’t use it. I just scrunch the fabric as I sew to make the ruffles…I’m too impatient to switch feet out and re-thread my needle, lol.

    I might have an idea to help.

    It is only an observation, however, I could direct you *to* someone that could help. One lady like you had a simple blog and she left a link to go to WordPress. Now, no matter where her old blogs are, she makes sure people find her new one. Her name is Melinda and she lives in Australia and you both practice beauty. She internal, and you external in the home. I would not be surprise if you both followed one another as you both do beautiful things!

    If my statement is confusing, I apologize. I would recommend getting in touch with her. Here is her link below. Best wishes on your new venture as Christian women help one another.


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