It was another Beautiful Saturday

It’s was another beautiful Saturday with Spring like weather.

I can’t really complain though even though we’ve not had any true Winter weather like I love.  Seeing the grass start turning green and new shoots popping through the ground, it is exciting and makes me think about how AMAZING God truly is to have created all of it!

When the weather is like this, I catch myself wanting to work outside and create.  So my sweetie and I did just that!

I had bought this headboard back before Christmas for $10.  One leg was bent, so we tried our best to get it straight.  If any of you could see my garage, you’d probably die.  It is a true mess most of the time.  I save everything from projects in hopes that I can use them on another.  The legs and arms were posts that came from an old bed….I knew they’d come in handy some day!  I I got one coat of paint onto it before the sun went completely down and then awoke to rain this morning.  I’ll post about the piece once I can finish it.  Lot’s of patching screw holes and stuff still left to do as well.  But didn’t it turn out cute?

Creating is so much fun to me even though I have a cold.  My mind never shuts down!  Even when I’m asleep, it creates, lol!

So that’s a good reason to have decor that’s relaxing and soothing to me.  It helps me do just that…to be soothed and relaxed so I can wind down and rest.

The softness is great for the heat during Summer and it’s even great Winter time blues too!

The back room is a place that we all go to and enjoy.  It has so much natural light!  When the shades are drawn, it turns into a cozy place to curl up with a blanket and read or watch tv.

I’ve always wanted things to remind me about God scattered throughout our home, so Angels are definitely one of the best to have.

I love the way our home makes me feel…in every room…they all have qualities that we adore!

Mirrors are a great way to add more light too.  The more light that’s paired with the pastel color scheme, the better!  I added this mirror to the door.  It actually looks like a window!

There are never enough comfy places to sit and relax.  Having everything slipcovered is a must for easy cleaning and care…especially with white!  I’ve had many slipcovers with floral designs and solid pastel colors but have found that white is the easiest and best to have.

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Sunday we’ve all been blessed with today.  No day is ever guarantee’d to any of us.

2 thoughts on “It was another Beautiful Saturday”

  1. Hola hermanita Melanie
    Tienes un hogar muy romántico, acogedor y encantador. Es un deleite para la vista, se ve muy agradable cada estancia. Un verdadero remanso de paz. El nuevo banco que estas haciendo junto a tu esposo, seguro que va a quedar precioso. Muchos besitos, Dios te bendiga a ti y tu linda family 😙😙

  2. I would happy comment it was God that sent me here to a constant thinker to help expand my mind and help me. Appreciate the time and effort you place in your blogs and show the work done. I enjoy your gentle humor and love of life.


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