I’ve Got Joy in My Heart

 Sometimes you just get a little bit of JOY deep down in your heart…

That’s how I feel about Christmas!  And all of the decorations that go along with it!

Yes, I’ve decorated for Christmas…your eyes are seeing correctly.  On Halloween night, we put one tree up…then slowly but surely, after work, I’d pull out another item and eventually I’ve managed to decorate the family room for Christmas.  Our home is around 3000 square feet, so completing the task takes time.  In the past, I could do it all in a day.  Not anymore simply because time is so short these days.

I found these foam letters at Hobby Lobby while on a trip taking my Mom home after a hospital visit.  We had the best time after finding out her heart was ok….we laughed and cherished every little moment together.  I love my Mom so very much.  We’ve had some major scares since August with her health, but I am so very thankful she’s healthy and here with me to spend yet another Christmas together.  It’s been hard with work, taking care of my family and being there for her.  We live over an hour apart so when something major happens, that hour seems like a million.  BUT….I have her talked into moving to be closer to us.  That’s so very exciting to think about…to actually have my Mom close by so we can go to the store together, the doctor together which we seem to be doing a lot of these days and to just pop in for a visit any old time.  Oh how I can’t wait!

The love we share is something we’ve both worked hard at together.  There have been some really dark times but with God, we’ve made it out with something to show for them all.  A bond like no other!

 My youngest daughter and I paid a visit to Home Goods after a doctor appointment one evening and found this sweet pillow.  A perfect sentiment to show how I feel.

So yeah, I adore Christmas because of what it all represents to me.  The past memories of the loved ones that I’ve shared it with and the most important reason of all…little baby Jesus who was the bestest gift any of us have ever received!  As the song goes….I’ve Got Joy in my Heart 

4 thoughts on “I’ve Got Joy in My Heart”

  1. Once again, my precious daughter, you’ve made me cry–not tears of sadness but tears of joy at the bond we share. Watching your growth throughout the years–the physical, mental, and spiritual–only has reaffirmed the Lord’s power. My pride in you is unsurpassed and the love is ovewhelming.

  2. This is such a sweet blog Melanie! So happy you have such a sweet bond with you mom! My mom lived six blocks down from me! Loved her being so close! She moved to heaven ten years ago and not a day passes I think of her! Hope your mom moves closer to you soon! Enjoy your Christmas decorating!

  3. Hola querida melanie, me alegro muchísimo que entre tu mamá y tu haya complicidad y amor . Mi mamá, también era para mi ,mi mejor amiga. El 28 de febrero hace catorce años que partió con Jesús, y la extraño muchísimo, cada día la recuerdo. Muchos besitos preciosa Melanie, Dios te bendiga a ti y tu linda family 😙😙

  4. Another lovely room in your beautiful home. Hope your dear mom moves closer to you. My mom always lived with me till she left for heaven at age 95, it was so wonderful to have enjoyed her for all those years. I think of both my parents daily and miss them especially at this time of year. Blessings to you and your sweet mom.

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