Let it Snow

My motto is Let it Snow….

I absolutely adore snow and feel like we never truly get enough of it!  Snow brings back warm fuzzy feelings of when I lived with my Grandmother.  When I was little, we seemed to have way more snow than we do now.  I remember Mammaw and I coming in at the end of the day from work and school to a cold house and building a fire.  I would grab a blanket and my pillow and would snuggle up on the sofa while she prepared dinner  in the adjoining kitchen.  Of course I would fall asleep sucking my finger and rubbing my pillow with my knuckle.  I would awaken to a soft touch across my forehead as Mammaw would stroke my hair telling me to wake up, that dinner was ready.  She had the softest hands…I miss those hands dearly.

Throughout our home, my decorating style seems to evoke those sweet memories especially at Christmas time. I hope our daughters  look back and reminisce about their childhood and the sweet memories one day as I do.  Our stairs leading to our master have an inviting feeling…come stay with me, I will give you rest.  My husband particularly loves spending time here.

A few years ago, I painted our stairs white.  They show wear and dirt pretty often, but nothing a little windex and a wet rag can’t handle.  I like how they’ve kept the stairwell nice and bright, making it inviting to come down.  The lanterns with candles add some warmth and the angels let one know they are protected and loved.  The mirrors reflect the natural light perfectly.

Our bed….what can I say about our bed?  It’s a place we love to come to.  To cuddle, talk and rest.  The flocked pine garland and lights adds some charm and romance, making it a cozy spot for sure.

I had the tree in a different spot but desperately wanted it by our bed.  This year, I’ve definitely gotten my work out moving furniture to accommodate all of the decorations.  The tree lights up the stairwell giving you a peak at what’s to come as you come down the stairs.

Under the stairs is our office.  It’s neatly tucked and hid giving it’s own separateness from the open space.  The old column pillars add to the separate space.

In the other direction is the sitting room area.  We recently upgraded our sectional sofa to a much better piece.  This was the old sofa, before we added the new one.

Here’s the new one! The old one didn’t have separate back cushions but thankfully  the previous cushion covers fit the new cushions.  That saved me some time with sewing.  Time is so valuable to me now…something I don’t seem to have enough of anymore.

I found the gorgeous wreath at Home Goods and added some battery lights.  Hanging it on the grate was a no brainer for me since I have something hanging there at all times.  Switching things out is fun to do.

The snowflake lights came from Target.  I love them with this wreath!

I love sparkly glittered pine cones and poinsettias along with vintage ornaments…they’re just so Christmas-y!

When you have an open space, making things work together isn’t an option.  You learn how to make the eye flow freely across the room making it pleasing  to see.

I love our mantle!  It may be hard to see, but the blocks spell NOEL.  I found them many, many  years ago when I first started shopping at Home Goods.  They’re one of my most treasured pieces.  The word NOEL derives from the Latin word natalis which means birth.  Jesus was born!

This little tree has been around for a long time as well.  During my primitive days, it was adorned with burgundy, green and gold.  Now it sports a fresh white color scheme with snowflakes.  The tin bucket hides the primitive bark stand.

The old ice skates were a special find at an estate sale.  Originally in black…the fresh coat of white paint spruced them up a bit along with lace, pearls and mini roses.  And can you believe they fit my feet?!  Now what are the chances of that?

The white stocking may look familiar to those of you who shop at Michael’s.  I fell in love with them and thought I’d use them for our daughters.  Instead, they found a place hanging on the armoire and mantle.

Adding poinsettias and pine made them even more special!

 The metal sleigh was my aunts that I painted white.  It’s a special memory for me because she is no longer here to celebrate Christmas.  She loved Christmas as much as I do!

The Let it Snow plaque came from Home Goods as well.  A perfect reminder to all that I love snow!

And doesn’t our tree look like it is full of snow?  It’s on it’s last leg this year with it turning yellow and some lights going out.  I’m planning on getting a new tree hopefully after Christmas and on sale.  But for this year, I’m loving it’s last moment of shining.

Even Louis loves the tree!

After a long day, this is truly a nice spot to sit and relax to unwind and get sleepy.  Especially here at Christmas!

It’s hard to believe we only have 11 more days until Christmas Day!!!  Then 4 more days after that and I will turn 48….YIKES!!!

I am beyond blessed to have my sweet little family, our home and our health this year….it’s truly appreciated by moi!


There’s still more to come so please hang in there with me.  I hope all of you are having a wonderful day!


5 thoughts on “Let it Snow”

  1. Okay, I know I say this every time you post a picture of your house, but you have the most gorgeous place I’ve ever seen. So cozy looking and inviting, and I would give anything to have something even close to this! I wish I was younger and in better health so I could fix my house up like yours. Adorable…!

    Oh, and I know you told me what kind of paint you use on items around your house, but do you use a sealer or varnish on top of it? If so, can you tell me what it is please?

  2. Hola querida Melanie ,es todo un encanto vuestro dormitorio principal. Se ve tan acogedor, tan cálido, tan romántico. Los adornos navideños lo hacen aún más encantador y romántico. Muchos besitos querida Melanie, Dios te bendiga junto con tu linda family 😙😙❄❄⛄⛄

  3. Such a Beauty Melanie. I Especially Love Your Tree !
    It’s so Amazing How Beautiful It is. Please let me know what you have on it. I Love All Your Rooms , the way you have them Decorated. Merry Christmas To All , And To All A Good “Cozy” Night . What Does Mike Think ?

  4. Well you have a new fan Melanie, I just found you and love what you have done here with your bedroom. Years ago, a lady told me that the bedroom had to be the most romantic and beautiful room of a home, well you certainly have done that, although have not seen the rest of your blog yet. Congratulations on your talent. Merry Christmas.

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