Life Has been Good

Boy, life can be crazy sometimes but it is always good…

I don’t know if any of you remember, but my husband lost his job over 10 months ago after working there for 16 years.  It came as a huge shock all of a sudden and we were floored.  Our plans with life, retirement and just living were all thrown out the door.  Have any of you ever experienced a life jolting experience?  At first we were numb, then we were angry…angry at the ones that made him lose his job.  But like we have learned to lean on God, we began to pray.  You see, almost 23 years ago, my husband had worked for this company as a temporary for a year.  We got pregnant with our first child and then they let the temps go, all but one or two. The boss loved him and  told him they’d hire him if there were another opening.  7 years my sweetie believed and prayed for that job, it was a good job with benefits,a retirement and all he wanted to do was provide for his little family.  He worked decent jobs, always making sure our needs were met and everyone always loved him.  You see, he’s a hard worker, he’s always done his best.  Through those 7 years, he never lost sight at what he felt God had spoken to him about that one job.  I doubted a few times because 7 years is a long time.  But I still prayed for him to get it and prayed for my unbelief.  God came through and 7 years later he got that job!  Oh how happy he was!  He moved up in the company and the bosses loved him.  The company was bought out  and old bosses retired while new ones came in.  My sweetheart made a choice one day, which in his head was the right choice to take a pay cut and relocate to another building to give more of a future for retirement.  The other building offered more money but also gave the chance for lay off.  I was skeptical since I knew how much money we needed to pay everything.  I am the bill payer, lol!  He makes the money and I take care of the rest. Things weren’t so peachy for him there.  A few things happened and it seemed some didn’t like him too well.  All of this lead straight to ten months ago when he came home saying he’d been sent home and then 3 weeks later we got the official news he’d been fired.  Talk about a jolt to your ego!  When you’ve worked hard,thought you had and everyone seemed to love you, this was a nice reality jolt!  Thankfully he was in the Union so they decided that his firing was definitely wrong and would fight for his job. All the while, he was dealing with not being able to provide for his family and feeling definitely “less than”.  It was a hard time for sure!  BUT….we all stood together as a family and prayed for God to provide since He had provided that job and for everything we’d ever needed through the years.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, feelings or anger were there a few times, but we never once acted upon them.  We just prayed for the ones that made him lose his job.  And that was hard, but it tells us to do that in God’s word.  Ten long months, we did what we had to do.  I got a job and our daughters helped with the bills along with my sweet Mom.  Unemployment ran out after 6 months, so the crunch for finding a decent job was being felt.  We had so many praying and helping us with finding a good job for him and one day, while my daughters were working, a man came in and told them to tell their dad to call him about a job that had opened up.  They came home to tell him and my husband told them that was a friend he had went to school with that had told them.  He had read about him losing his job on FB.  My sweetie applied for it, had an interview and was hired.  He had to take some really hard tests that even some of the higher ups hadn’t passed.  He studied and studied and passed these tests with flying colors!  The bosses were in love with him!  They treated him like gold and that helped him so much with feeling like a good worker once again.  His self worth had really taken a blow after being fired.  He had never been fired…so can you imagine what he must have felt like?!  I watched a glow come back to him, he was being uplifted and edified to know how good of a worker he really was.  I am so very proud of him!  During those 10 months, he had to prepare for a trial hearing with the company that fired him with no warning.  We started to see glimmers of hope!  Then the trial came, we were on pins and needles! When he came home and told us about the trial, we knew right then, he was getting his job back!  Months went by, then he got the call….You have your job back with full restoration.  What a glorious day that was!!!!  He had been vindicated!  Now, I’ve told you all of this to say this….GOD is the only way to make it through life.  He is the only one that can give you mercy and blessings.  He works though others that are willing, to bless you.  I am so thankful for big hearts that allowed God to move and to show us just how BIG He really is!  I honestly could write a book on the years before all of this and how I see God was preparing us for this moment. Our belief was shaken to the core in the past and if we hadn’t learned what we did back then, we wouldn’t have believed he would get his job back.  We learned to appreciate the small moments again, the tight times when money was short.  We laughed and enjoyed family time together.  It truly was a glorious time and if I could, I’d hug the men that made him lose his job because it was nothing but a blessing!  What the devil intended to do in trying to destroy us, only made us stronger!  He went back to work last Friday, a little nervous but now he sees clearer and will watch his steps around some devils a lot better.  We also learned that not everyone is your friend….but if God is for us, then who could be against us?  God has the last say in everything.  I am so thankful I allowed Him to be my God.  I wouldn’t be who I am today without Him molding and guiding me.  I would be a hot mess!

So, anyways, how have you all been doing?  I apologize for staying away for so long, but as you’ve just read, we’ve been busy!  I have done good to do my dishes and run the sweeper in between working and such.  But I did manage to buy this little cabinet and mirror and gave it a makeover!

It is solid wood and very sturdy!  I didn’t want to keep them together and even thought about hanging the cabinet on a wall somewhere.  Of course I painted them white.

I planned on hanging it on the wall to the far right after hanging the mirror on the shutter wall.  But it didn’t look right so I put it here…

MY husband needs a spot close to the door for his keys and such, so this little cabinet will work nicely so his clutter won’t be seen. It’s slim enough for when the door is open too!  It turned out nice, don’t ya think?!

And here is where I put the mirror.  It was perfect for this slender space and reflects light in the darker corner perfectly.  Plus it’s an added bonus to check out your outfit with, wink wink!  I want to add something to the top of the mirror, whether an applique’, a stencil or a word….I’m still deciding.  So that’s it with me.  I hope all of you have been doing ok.  Just remember, God can do all things, if we only allow Him to.  When we step out of the way, He can do miracles!


11 thoughts on “Life Has been Good”

  1. That is an absolutely wonderful story of love, adjustment, commitment and belief! You can be proud of your hubby and of yourself for standing by him all the way. xo Diana

  2. I love hearing these stories of faith and how God works things out for our good. Melanie, you brighten my day with your pictures and posts.

  3. What a lovely story Melanie and so glad it has had a happy ending 😀 My day is always brightened by your stories and beautiful photos of your home and your latest “up do” project (the cabinet and mirror look great) I get all inspired and “paint something!” Lol we are so privileged you share your home and life with us. 😘

  4. Your story is so inspiring Melanie, I am so impressed with the way your Daughters stepped up to help out financially! God is good all the time! Love all your Decor and talents!!

  5. I am so happy that things turned out so well for you. You commented about putting something above your mirror, how about a phrase, “A Reflection of God’s Perfection,, just an idea.

  6. Hola mi querida melanie. En verdad Dios es bueno y misericordioso. Una historia preciosa, que habla del padre amoroso y bondadoso que tenemos. A El sea toda la gloria y la honra. Me super encanta el mueblecito y el espejo, te han quedado encantadores. Muchos besitos, bendecida semana para ti y los tuyos 😙😙

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