Merry Christmas in the Kitchen

I’ll start off by saying we are all healthy,  our oldest graduated college and our youngest graduated high school.  

I am extremely proud of both of them…and love them dearly.

I now have a part time job and my world is slowly changing.  I am not handling it with the greatest of ease tonight.  My oldest, I’m sure, will be moving out soon.  She’s on a new adventure with starting her own life and one part of me is excited for her and another part of me is sad and hurt.  I’ve dedicated my life to our girls and to have that all just go away, well, it just bothers me.  What will I do with my life?  Who am I?  What will it be like for me to not have her around anymore…if she moves to another state?  We are a close knit family and we help each other out on a daily basis.  My fear is that when something comes up, we will be miles and miles apart which will cause more problems.  How will we be able to help each other being so far apart?  And how can we spend time together?  Will it be once a year due to money or no vacation time?  I honestly don’t think she thinks about these things.   My heart is heavy.  It seems like only yesterday, they were my little babies, going to church, giving them snacks, singing songs, watching cartoons, teaching them about life….I really feel for the mothers and fathers who now have empty nests.  Mine will truly be empty when they are gone.  Thank goodness our youngest still has to go to college.  But for now, I will wipe the what if’s and tears away and try to think of bright and happy thoughts.  I will try to be Merry.   So I think I’ll share part of our home with you…

I’m really enjoying our window wall all decorated up for Christmas.  I found the little “merry” pillow at Home Goods and thought it’d be perfect for the bench.

I started decorating before Halloween and have since changed things up after taking these photos.  But the centerpiece on the island has stayed the same.

Here’s the updated photo.  We added a real Christmas tree!  We’ve been married for almost 27 years and have never had a real Christmas tree.  Where I work, they have special event parties and  had 4 trees they didn’t want and asked if I wanted them.  So my sweet husband came over and shoved them into the back of our SUV, pine sap and all and took them home.  We felt like Clark Griswold  with all of the sap we had on our hands and clothes, lol!  For those of you who may not know who that is, just google his name.

I had to move the china cabinet which was really hard since it belonged to Mammaw.  It had been in that same spot for 10 plus years.  But I just had to have a real tree this year since they were free and absolutely gorgeous!  I think Mammaw would have approved for sure.  The smell has been Heavenly from the fresh pine…just heavenly!

It didn’t move far though…I’ll share this room in a few days.

I’ve went nuts with the battery operated lights this year!  Not to mention spending a small fortune on batteries.  I love this little centerpiece and how it turned out!

We already had 3 trees up so I had to really dig to find some ornaments to hang on it’s branches.  I did buy something new for it though…the snowflake garland.  I seem to have a snowflake theme going on and it wasn’t intentional.  Can you guess that I love snow?

And of course, none of us can lose sight of what Christmas is all about….JESUS!  I found this little plaque at Home Goods after I had finished decorating.  But I couldn’t pass it up, so it came home with me to find a resting spot in our kitchen for all to see.

This is how the china cabinet looked before we added the Christmas tree.


It will come back after Christmas.

This window is always hard to capture….but I just added some clear lights around the frame along with some pine cones and a little tree under a cloche to the sill.  The Family Memories sign is something I hold dear to my heart.  Memories are something I cherish.

The mantle and dining set along with the tree give a special feeling in the kitchen…and the lights add a warmth like a real fire.

So that’s it for now.  Doing blog posts aren’t fitting well into my schedule  anymore it seems.  I apologize for slacking.  I will try my hardest to sit down and do another one in a few days to share more of our home for Christmas.

I sure do hope all of you are having a blessed holiday so far.  Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year and hope it always will be.

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas in the Kitchen”

  1. I never thought about the seriousness of long distances and I have regretted that. Adult children should go on trips to other places to cure their yearning to see places, but they should always love close to home. It makes it very complicated and expensive for both sides when they live far away.

  2. Life changes in ways that we never imagine. When you got married, I thought, “What am I going to do without my best friend?” Even though you didn’t move too far away, the life I knew changed…and I did, too. I won’t sugar coat it and say that it was an easy transition, but we adapted. The love we share stayed the same and added bonuses were getting a precious son-in-law and two light-of-my-life granddaughters. Reaching this point of our lives has had ups and downs, but the main thing is that we’ve recognized the Lord in all of it. Take time and mourn the loss of Sara’s childhood but don’t dwell on it. Great things are in store for you, Mike, Sara, and Hannah, and one day you’ll look back on these times and once again be amazed!

  3. Melanie, I know it is difficult to let go of our children but I’ve learned that when I gave them ‘wings’ to ‘fly’ they didn’t go far! Remember your first love, your precious husband and our Lord Jesus Christ, and you will have an easier transition! Your house is lovely as always! Merry Christmas!

  4. I agree with all of the above. I have four children (3 girls and 1 boy) and the first time my son informed me that they wouldn’t be with us at Thanksgiving just about broke my heart! I cried for a week (probably more!) Up until then I had had all of my kids with me on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and didn’t understand why it wouldn’t always stay the same. But he is married now and I have to “share” him with the other new family he has. Doesn’t make it any easier, for sure. No one told me that everything would change once they grew up, but it does, and we need to cherish the moments that we have with them now.
    Your mama is a wise woman. Listen to her. It is now time for YOU to shine! Time to see who (and whose) you are. And you will…be blessed!

  5. Well now I have also visited your kitchen, what a delightful kitchen, all adorned and ready for Christmas. We had three children and to our Lord Jesus we give thanks that they live here not far from us, so your daughter might also do the same thing and live close to you and what a joy and celebration with you visit each other and the family gets together. So much to look forward to, yes it’s a new life alright but we adjust and besides you still have one daughter at home and a hubby that loves you. At dinner put a teddy bear on the chair where she would normally sit…it helps. <3

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