Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and yours…I pray it’s been a blessed day for you all!

My life hasn’t been dull the past few weeks.  I had surgery on the 21’st of December to remove some lumps, one of them being a lymph node on my collar bone.  I’ve had them for years but they’ve recently started to grow some and hurt.  My neck is still a little sore but the ones I had removed under my arm pits seem to be doing great.  I should hear back from the doctor after the first of the year to know what they were.  But I am so thankful for the doctor that performed the surgery so quickly.  This time of year isn’t a good time to schedule things if you want to be seen fast…but like always, God always provides what I need.  With all of that, we kept Christmas simple and stayed home. We took some Christmas family photos and had such a fun times laughing and making jokes.  We had a huge dinner on Christmas Eve, so leftovers are being eaten today!  And I got my wish…I got my beloved SNOW early this morning!!!

So here I am posting one last post of our home for Christmas.  I sure am going to miss all of the decorations!  But rest assured, I will be dreaming about next year for sure!

Our main tree…it’s my absolute favorite because it looks like real branches.  Dressed all in white, all of the ornaments really stand out.

We all fight for this chair it seems…it’s right by the tree and you just feel so comfy sitting  here.

The other favorite chair is this one by the mantle.  It actually feels like you’re sitting right by the fire.  I hung stockings stuffed with stuffing all across the mantle…keeping it simple.  But I have to say this is my favorite spot in our family room.

It’s been such a lovely place to relax and watch Christmas movies with my family.  That is, when we all have had time to sit down together.  Time has just flown by, don’t you think?

I had the tree by the window wall last year but decided to do it up different this year.  Adding the snowflakes to the panes of glass and the wreaths, well, that just did the trick for me!

With all of the lights, the two spaces just glow…no need for lamps or any other lighting at all.

I kept the armoire basically the same with the two pine wreaths.  I ran out of battery lights, but I’m definitely going to light these up next year!

The arrangement here in the corner was an arrangement I bought the very last weekend I ever got so spend with my Mammaw.  So it’s very special to me because she fell in love with it’s all white and silver winter color scheme.  I was just starting to go white then.  She was wanting to see it all but never made it past Christmas.  She was 96….and had a very good life.  But boy do I miss talking to her.

I found this little bottle brush tree from Hobby Lobby and wished I had bought more…it’s my favorite bottle brush tree ever!  The cherub paired with the cherub base on the lamp and the tree are simple but beautiful to me!

This little lighted box about busy sidewalks is a sweet memory to me.  It reminds me of when I was little and how we’d visit the city at Christmas time.  My eyes were big with wonder back then and they still are today!

Another mantle shot…just because!

And the mirror….I just love how this mirror turned out for Christmas!

Our view from the kitchen….the tree is seen throughout the whole space.

Keeping the wrapping paper all white with bows was so much fun for me…and I loved how the presents looked beautiful under the tree!

I never did get a photo taken during the day with natural light…oh well, I’ll just dream about it for next Christmas!

I sure am going to miss everything when we take it all down!

But maybe I’ll use the excuse of just having surgery to prolong that task.

And just sit and be thankful to Jesus for what He did for all of us for a little while longer.

I mean He’s given me my fairy tale life that honestly I could have never even dreamed up for myself.

I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams and could never  thank God enough  for my life.  So Merry Christmas to all of you!  Thanks for all of the prayers, the shares, the friendship…each and everyone of you have blessed my life to the fullest with allowing me to share mine with you!  May God bless us all in the coming New Year and may our hearts know His voice always!


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas”

  1. Hola mi querida melanie, muchas felicidades para ti y tu linda family. Deseo de todo corazón, que los bultos sean benignos. Siento mucho que te hayan operado, pero lo bueno de todo esto, es que nuestro amado Dios tiene todo bajo control. Y una prueba de ello ,es que reconoces cuanto te ama y.te mima nuestro Padre celestial. Estare orando al trono de la gracia por tu recuperacion👐👐.Tu hogar como siempre ,tan acogedor, cálido ,encantador y romántico😍😍 Muchos besitos para ti y tu linda family, Dios los continúe bendiciendo 😘😘

  2. Melanie, I have enjoyed being your Facebook friend so much and looking at all of your beautiful pictures brings me such pleasure! I love everything you make and put together; everything you refurbish and make your own. It’s so beautiful and your talent and touch is absolutely amazing! You are indeed so blessed and gifted in so many ways; the way you have beautified your home by your amazing talent and your writings and ways with words makes one want to read and read and read. I can’t get enough of all the eye candy you provide and share with us and can’t begin to describe the joy it brings into my life and I’m sure others. You never fail to thank Jesus for all your blessings and your happy life and that is inspiring and uplifting and garners even more respect because you freely give credit where credit is due – to our wonderful Heavenly Father and Creator of all. I wish you the very best in the coming New Year – especially health and continued happiness. God bless you and your beautiful family! 🙂

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