Sometimes you just need more mirrors….

While out running errands yesterday morning, I ran by some yard sales along side the road.  First, I saw this mirror and told my daughter that I was going to stop on my way back through.  And I did, lol!  Thankfully it was still there.

$10…is what they were asking!  I didn’t argue and the two men loaded it into my jeep.

Then I ran across another one that had this lovely white bench and some more mirrors.

$20!  I got the two mirrors and bench for $20!!!  I put the bench on our pool deck.  It’s solid wood and is perfect for throwing our towels on.

I’m sure you all knew I was going to paint the mirrors white, right?

Here’s the bigger mirror painted with Rustoleum Chalked paint in a White Linen.  It really turned out beautifully!  Then the fun began after everything was painted.

We hung this mirror here over the sectional.  It replaced another mirror that wasn’t quite as big.  I’ll find a spot for it later.

I had just hung one of these up to see if I liked it better than the shutters I had hanging with this grouping….and I did!

It’s amazing how the mirrors make such a huge difference!  I love how they reflect what light we do get in the basement.

They all look so pretty!  Sorry for the quality of this last photo…the sun was going down.  But doesn’t everything look pretty together?!

While at Home Goods buying some gluten free items, we went back to the girls section to see what lovely pink things they had.  I hadn’t been there in such a long time so I was excited!

We found this adorable lamp!  The shades of pink didn’t match, but I knew I could paint the base to match the shade’s bow and lining.



PERFECT!!!  I used Valspar spray paint in Cameo Pink.   Now it’s just adorable!

So that’s how I spent my weekend other than working and running errands.  I’d say it was a great weekend!

I hope you had a blessed weekend too!


4 thoughts on “Mirrors”

  1. Oh Melanie, I think things call to you wanting to live in your home! Everything looks so perfect…You are so lucky I am not your neighbour I would be dragging you over to my house saying make mine beautiful! We have garage sales over here but a lot of the time it is a lot of trash rather than treasure, sometimes you get lucky and find a gem…I am on the prowl for a pretty old style gate for my garden…markets have them but they are very pricey, one will show up when I least expect it… 😀 Thanks for sharing your lovely treasures 💜

    1. Thank you so much Brenda! Sometimes I wish I did have some neighbors because I could help them rather than my brain never shutting down at my house, lol! And I’m sure you’ll find a gorgeous gate…patience is a virtue and I’ve always found waiting makes things so much more appreciated and loved.

  2. Hola querida Melanie , has hecho una hermosa adquisición ,y muy barato por cierto 😀😀. Los espejos han quedado muy encantadores, y si , dan más luminosidad al dormitorio. El banco va a quedar de diez, allá, cerca de la piscina. La lámpara es un encanto de linda, muy romántica. Muchos besitos, querida Melanie,tengas una semana bendecida, Dios te bendiga a ti y tu preciosa family 😙😙💖💝💟

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