Out of the Ordinary

Our youngest daughter is graduating high school and she has wanted to do something out of the ordinary.

 Normally, teens have their Senior portraits taken and they usually all look the same around here in our area.  Don’t get me wrong, they look good, but they look like all of the rest.  Same pose, same place just a different student.  My daughter didn’t want that and had been thinking about what she really wanted.  This is what we did…..

All of the photos were taken and edited by me.

We collaborated for months, looking at photos online, gathering ideas and finally had a gorgeous day to shoot all of these stunning photos.  I don’t brag on myself simply because I was taught that growing up, but I must confess, I am super proud of how these “out of the ordinary” senior photos turned out.

Of course I will brag about how beautiful and stunning she is!!!

We used my vow renewal dress as her skirt.  She is super thin, so we really had to tighten it around her waist to not fall off of her.  The top was ordered online and when it arrived, she quickly saw that the size was way smaller than what she had anticipated.  Thankfully, I know how to sew and fixed that issue.  They ended up being a perfect match!  We used a pink, wide satin ribbon as her choker.  She did her own make up and hair.

She really loved these two photos…they have a bohemian look don’t they?

Editing photos is something that I adore, so adding effects to some were such a thrill!  I could sit for hours editing….especially with amazing shots like these!

I love this one!  It’s so fairy tale like!

And that’s what she was wanting…a dreamy look.  I think we accomplished that!

You can see the back of her top here and how I added the lace to make it fit.  It actually made it look cuter!

Every photo was taken in and around our home.  Thankfully we have beautiful surroundings.

She’s had such a time with her health and Celiacs disease.  So that’s why I wanted to do whatever she wanted instead of the stereotypical senior portraits.

Having two daughters, has been a thrill being able to give them things that they love. Being a  mom of  two gorgeous and smart daughters has been such a huge blessing to me.  God gave me exactly what He wanted to and knew that I would cherish them.  Seeing them grow and become their own unique individuals just never ceases to amaze me.

I apologize for such a long post, but I just had to share these!

I loved using props from our home.  This mirror was a yard sale find that I painted white.  It turned into a big prop!  Thankfully my hubby was there to carry it all around the yard, lol.  He was our props manager!

She adores the beauty in things and appreciates the outdoors in all of it’s glory.  The simplest of things like rose petals, a puffy cloud in the sky, baby ducks feeding in our yard….I am so glad she appreciates those things like I do.  She definitely takes after me.

I took over 200 photos!  So please hang with me…I’m a proud Mama!

We took some more natural photos that seemed a little more typical looking.  But I must say, they definitely aren’t typical!

She has the cutest personality and her cat ears highlight that feature.

She’s such a simple beauty!

And I must say, she makes being pale absolutely gorgeous!!!  I grew up being brainwashed that having a tan made you more beautiful and healthy looking.  How wrong is that!  I see women younger than me that have tanned and look way older than I do!  Plus the threat of skin cancer isn’t worth that fake beauty!  I went pale over 10 years ago and sport it proudly now!

She has the most gorgeous smile!  Poor little thing had to start at such an early age with a mouth guard and expander, then braces.  I think it took about 7 years in total, but at least she was finished by middle school.  Both girls took after me with a small mouth and too much teeth, lol!  We all had to have braces but am so thankful for a healthy and pretty smile!

This look makes me think of a white queen or princess….just stunning!

She rules with gentle heart.

And is a true beauty!

She’s strong and courageous.

She has compassion for all things.

She is a true leader.

Her name is Hannah.

And she is exactly who she’s supposed to be…unique!

Thanks for letting me share my baby girl and her special moment in time.

May the Lord watch over all of you and keep you safe!

13 thoughts on “Out of the Ordinary”

  1. Hola Melanie, wuau ,me súper encantan cada una de las fotos que le hiciste a tu niña. Es una joven muy bella ,se parece mucho a ti . Se ve muy dulce ,con unos vestidos preciosos Muchos besitos mi niña, para ti y tu linda family, Dios los bendiga 😙😙

  2. Oh my goodness ❤ all the pictures are beautiful…but…the one where she is smiling…..stunning!!! And her hair is gorgeous. Xoxoxo

  3. Ces photos sont magnifiques et ta fille est divine. J’aime beaucoup ta maison et ta décoration douce et shabby. Bravo pour ton blog superbe !!!
    Si tu veux venir faire un tour sur mon blog ou sur mon compte Pinterest, tu es la bienvenue. A travers mes tableaux, tu découvriras un peu mon univers. Bises et belle journée. Astréor

  4. Melanie, you amaze me with all the talents you have. These are stunning pictures and you should be very proud! Beautiful mama and beautiful daughter!!

  5. When I say stunning and gorgeous I really really mean that! She is beautiful! and you did a wonderful job on the pics. Hard to which is my fav, but the one with her hand holding the white flower is just stunning! Happy Graduation Sweet girl! Hugs,

  6. My wish for you is that your hubby builds you a studio so you can do photography. You have a gift of seeing and bringing to life magical beauty.

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