Pink Christmas Memories

Some memories are just too hard to let go of.

Especially when they are tied to your children’s past.  We have always celebrated Jesus being born for Christmas but when the girls were little, we did allow them to have fun with the thought of Santa.  They weren’t so easily bamboozled though, lol!  One Christmas, when the girls were small, my husband put on his Santa suit from Church and came knocking on our front door.  The girls were so excited and sat on Santa’s lap as he talked to them about what Christmas was all about.  After he left, Daddy amazingly reappeared to ask the girls about their visit with Santa.  Our youngest was playing along until she was asked who Santa was…her response was DADDY.  Totally shocked, he asked why she thought that and her response was “your shoes”.  With all of the excitement, Daddy forgot to put on Santa’s boots!

This little pink tin held their letters to Santa and I still have them all.  The sweetness of their wants still make me smile.  They never asked for much and were always so easily pleased…those sweet memories are certainly hard to let go with that little tin.  It used to be red when our decorations weren’t so pastel.  Painting it pink made it a little easier to not let go.

And this bed…she gave rest to my aunt Judy when I was on life support many years ago.  The tales I heard about when I came home, with hearing deer trampling across the deck while she slept, were hysterical!  I miss seeing her beautiful face and talking to her about all of my decorating projects.  We shared a passion for our homes.

You may remember from the previous post that I had moved the china cabinet here.  This is what it looked like before I moved it.

The tree has been moved as well.  It was bought years ago in a pair for flanking the front door outside.  I honestly have no clue where the other one went, but this one was re-lighted and painted making it perfect for indoors.

Under the tree were some more special memories.

One of them is very dear…a cross from my Aunt Judy.  It tells the story about Jesus’ birth.  She taught me so much about who God is and took me to church when I was growing up.  She taught me that there is power in my words and to make sure I give that power to the right ONE.   Speaking negatively is a no no about life and our health.

Each room ties harmoniously together and that makes me feel relaxed!

We are really enjoying this very LARGE sofa in this room. It’s a nice place to relax on and just look out of all of the windows.  It’s such a quiet room…

I don’t know how I could have forgotten to take a photo of the tree with my regular camera.  I snapped a photo with my phone, so you can definitely tell a difference with quality.  But it’s still a pretty photo of one of our trees.  When I replaced our very LARGE tree with this one a few years back…my oldest wasn’t pleased.  I was however, that we had more space.  We both came to a happy medium when I purchased the larger tree last year that is our main tree in the family room.

On top of the armoire is a collection of angels paired with pink and white poinsettias.

Most gifts from my daughters and one from my husband…they have special memories tied to my heart.

As you can see, the little tree sits beside the armoire now with a cat napping underneath.  And let’s not forget what this Holiday is all about…every day is about Him.  Without Him, we wouldn’t even be alive.  I thank Him and praise Him for each new day I have.  My life has been worth every ounce of heartache because He’s given me a way of escape and has turned every bad thing into something good!

So this brings us almost to the end of the home tour for Christmas.  I still have a few more spaces to share…and am saving the family room for the last spot.  It’s where I spend most of my time when I am home.

Can you believe Christmas is only one week away?  What are some of your sweet memories that are tied to your heart for Christmas.


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  1. Hola querida Melanie, si, el verdadero motivo de la Navidad es nuestro amado Señor Jesús, 👐👐. Tienes un hogar muy encantador y romántico, así como cálido y acogedor. Muchos besitos preciosa hermanita, Dios te bendiga junto con tu linda family 😙😙👐👐

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