Rainy Days

Rainy Days make for a relaxing day….

We all have those days where we make plans, plans for the next day and the next.  Sometimes those plans are squashed by something unexpected.  Today is one of those days and as I sit and reflect, I realize God has ways of slowing us down sometimes.   I guess that’s why I love the rain.  Rain slows everything down.  Making you want to snuggle and stay in.  We all work and have such hectic schedules sometimes, making it hard to spend time together.  Today, my daughters and I are all off and staying home.  As I type, I hear them making breakfast and chatting in the kitchen.  That makes me smile because they are sharing their lives.  When we share our lives, we are opening up our hearts to love.  Sometimes we are rejected, but we can only grow from the mistakes and learn whom we can share with and who not to.  Family means everything to me and sharing is so crucial to keeping it strong.

So today, I want to share a few changes I made with some things.

A few months back, I moved our large sofa to this room.  It’s a guest/play room.  When I say play room, I mean a place we go to watch tv and play video games.  The toys are long past gone and the chatter of giggling girls playing with their barbies.  Now it’s irritation about video games, lol!  But it is a room full of memories that will never fade.  I decided that the window had been there long enough when I had a mirror left over that I adored.  I originally had it hung in our Master Retreat.  The window represented memories of my Aunt Linda who had passed away many years ago.  She would bring me treasures from her yard sale finds.  Inside the window were pieces from a sample book of wall paper she had given me.  Just because I was ready to take it down, didn’t mean I was finished with the memory of her.  Though she may be gone, her life is still a part of mine because she shared, we shared….our love for great finds, creating things from nothing, and laughter…there was always laughter.  She was one of a kind and a day doesn’t go by that I do not think of her.  Her treasures are all through our home and hearts.

So here is the mirror.  I love how it reflects the light and makes the room seem bigger.  Paired with the shutters, I think it was meant.  It’s a long wall, so something big always works better in my opinion.

This past Christmas, while browsing through Pier One, I came upon this little Peony.  I fell in love!  It looked so real!!!  But one of my biggest problems is being attracted to pink, then bringing it home and the pinks are all off.  I had this flower everywhere and it was just too warm of a pink anywhere else.  I think I finally found the perfect spot for it here.

This room often gets cast offs from other rooms.  That’s why I love using white….I can move pieces from room to room.  I love this little chair, it’s just the perfect size and so comfy too!  With the windows, this is a great spot to read and watch the little birds.

Lot’s of pillows are found throughout our home.  They function not only as something pretty, but for back support and for cuddling.

I recently painted this star, that was hung on the window, pink.  Hanging it on the door helped draw in the pinks from the floor and above the door.

I painted the lamp base to match the “H” scrolly piece, to help tie it all in.  See how the little pink plate and polka dot mug aren’t all alone now?

So today, I am relaxing and taking it easy.  I slept in which was wonderful!  I’m going to spend it with my girls and just enjoy this rainy day!

I hope you have days like this where you can enjoy the slow moments, the sweet memories and talk to God.  There is nothing better than talking to God, because He’s the one that blesses you with your days.

3 thoughts on “Rainy Days”

  1. Beautiful…I use that word constantly when I see photos of your stunning home and changes you make..every photo I look at over and over I notice something I didn’t see before..I was once afraid to hang lots of things on the walls (oh what about the holes they leave) now who cares about holes??? That’s why putty was invented! I once contained my favourite colour “pink” to my bedroom, bit old for that I’d think, what will people say…through reading your posts I have learned to embrace what I love and my home only has to please me, if someone else loves it then that is a bonus…needless to say pink is popping up everywhere and I love it! 💕 and so do others when they visit.. 😀 I hope you had a wonderful rainy day at home with your girls and of course King Louis, I love seeing him too 💜💜💜💜

    1. Thank you so much Brenda! I am happy that you have found that it doesn’t matter what others think or like about your home. It’s how it makes you feel and that’s where we spend a bulk of our time. So why not be happy and surround ourselves with what we love?! Life’s too short to do what others want or think when it comes to decorating. It may be 2017, but my heart has no time for what I love.

  2. Hola querida Melanie. En su momento escribí aquí un comentario, pero a lo mejor sin darme cuenta, lo borré, así que estoy escribiendo otro comentario. No me canso de mirar y admirar tu encantador y romántico hogar. Se ve tan acogedor, cálido, agradable. Si , lo más hermoso y glorioso, es hablar con nuestro amado Señor.y Salvador. Muchos besitos preciosa amiga, Dios te bendiga 😙😙

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