The May Issue of Romantic Homes 2017

Am I dreaming?

When I received my copy of Romantic Homes, courtesy of the Editor, I was so excited to open it up and see the photos Marian Parsons (Miss Mustard Seed) took of our home back in September.  Then I had a phone interview a few months back and got to see the photos online, but I still didn’t know exactly which ones they would be using.  I knew they couldn’t use them all.  So to my surprise, I was so thrilled with what I did see!

The way that Marian captured our home…she knew the love I had for it and she did her absolute best to be true to me.  Something she and I talked quite extensively about from all of the photo shoots she has had with her home.  She knew exactly how I felt and she did great!  I took a screen shot of some of  the photos I got to see…these weren’t all of them, just what I could fit onto my screen before scrolling down. What a dream to see behind the scenes with the magazine that has influenced me from the very first copy I ever held in my hands.  To actually be featured in Romantic Homes is just surreal to me!

I must thank Staci Dumoski, the Editor for being so kind to me and making this all happen.  If only I could give hugs, she’d receive many!

14 pages!  When I read what the writer wrote, it brought tears to my eyes because my Grandmother and two Aunts that are no longer with us, will live eternally in this beautiful magazine.  They would be so proud and I can actually see them all smile down upon me.  I really do keep thinking I am dreaming….something like this has been a true dream and it’s finally come true!

You see, this gal used to decorate for her Barbie’s, made beds from JC Penny Catalogue’s, used beautiful towels as bedspreads, hung twinkling lights and even made my own Christmas tree for them.  My friends that played with me knew then that I was a little over the top with design and creating.  My love for pink came early in life and it only grew as I have grown.

Through the years, friends and family were always amazed with my bedroom then our first and second home.  The walls were pink back then, something you never saw other than in a bedroom.  I remember a dear friend of mine telling me that I was nuts for wanting to paint our living room furniture white since dark cherry was all the rage.  I never fit in, I had my own style and design and it didn’t matter to me what everyone else had.  My style made me happy and it gave me the feeling of love.

Then I came across Rate My Space on HGTV.  I called my mom and told her I was thinking about adding some rooms to see what people thought.  It was scary at first, but I knew I wanted to venture out of my comfort zone to see what others would say…not being nice because they knew me.  To my surprise, most loved what I did.  I met some wonderful men and women along the way and have forged online friendships that will always be special to me.  From there I decided to start blogging…another scary move but one that proved to me to be RIGHT.  I’ve never looked back.  The things I’ve learned with photography, blogging, sharing my life and decorating has been amazing!

As I look on Pinterest and see my pins, see the followers on FB and IG, it just blows me away because so many others feel what I feel and it’s so nice to share that!  God has blessed me so with the desires of my heart…a true passion that only gets bigger and stronger as I grow older.  I often times dream about what Heaven will be like…I sure hope there’s pink there!

12 thoughts on “The May Issue of Romantic Homes 2017”

  1. Aw…Melanie. Congratulations. You are one of a kind and I am glad you are. You are a very special gal and your love for home and family just shines through every word you write, every project you do, everything you put your heart into. I hope someday you come to visit your cousins and I get to meet you in person! xo Diana

  2. oh- hey–just a thought…anyway to have one picture show up on your blog when you post something new? Now all I can see is just one sentence of your post. xo Diana

  3. Hola mi querida melanie, me alegro muchísimo por todo lo lindo que te está sucediendo. Es una gran bendición,que tu hermoso y romántico hogar, haya salido en esa revista de decoración y no es para menos, pues tu hogar es para mí, uno de los hogares más encantadores, románticos, acogedores, que he visto. Y si , es cierto, nuestro amado Señor, se complace en concedernos los anhelos y deseos de nuestro corazón. Muchos besitos preciosa hna, Dios los continúe bendiciendo 😙😙

  4. Just received my current copy of Romantic Homes today and …..holy cow girl, what a spread they gave you! Every page is full of beauty and your passion shows through each photograph. I’ve followed your blog for some time now and am myself, a forever fan of pink. Congratulations to you, this is such an exciting honor to you and the ladies in your family who’ve influenced your life in so many ways. Enjoy the ride and keep the eye candy coming!

  5. Dear Mrs. M,
    Because of you, you helped me with a room in my home I had no idea on where to go. Now, it is the most POPULAR area in the house to spend time in. Like you, my family thought me nuts to paint with such pale colors, but now they see the pale color brings life to other items that are placed in the room. In fact, my husband liked the paint color so much, (it is a very pale blue called Loyal-Home Depot) that we are painting our bathroom this very color!

    Next is my kitchen. Even though it has a nice blue on the walls, I am placing accents of pale pink and creamy white. I even purchased ruffle curtains…. in a kitchen? Why yes! The theme is rabbits since we own a few.

    So thank you for your help with my decorating block. :o) I am happy for your success on the web in such a Godly fashion.

    1. Why thank you Miss Lisa!!! This is what I love to hear…inspiring others and then others can inspire!!! All I can say is that without God in my life, none of this would have ever happened. It’s amazing how God truly does give us the desires of our hearts!

  6. Congratulations Melanie on your FANTASTIC spread in ROMANTIC HOMES! Absolutely gorgeous! This issue of ROMANTIC HOMES was the very best…….like the long ago issues that we all loved so much! Picked up an extra copy to give to a friend for her birthday. LOVE following your blog!

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