There’s Always Room for More British Rose

I’ve been working my little heart out these past few weeks!

What seemed to be simple by getting a free chair…it sure has turned into some major work but so worth it!

First I will start with a desk that I’ve had stored in the garage for almost a year.  I fell in love with the details but knew I would never use it as a desk since we have what we already love.  And of course, I knew I would paint it.  Nothing stays wood in my home.

You can see why I fell in love with it…just look at the lines, applique’s and detail!

I’ve since disassembled it and made into side tables.

My husband and I really had fun taking this thing apart.  We took our time, took the top off and then took the rest of it apart.  Once that was done, I cut the top down with my handy dandy jig saw to have the curve that’s on each end.  I couldn’t wait to start painting!

Now isn’t that gorgeous!  Sorry for the graininess of the photo…it has been a little dreary here.  Plus I think I focused on the headboard with my camera, lol.

They are perfect for giving us a little more storage for all of our junk! I can’t stand to see nightstands all cluttered up, can you?

So, after finishing these, I began sewing.  I purchased a Rachel Ashwell British Rose duvet from a dear online friend.  She’s always giving me a heads up when she gets this pattern in…I can’t get enough of it!

Notice anything different about the canopy curtains?  I added some of the pattern to the bottom and the top.  I used to have white ruffles that I wasn’t really fond of.

Adding the linen ruffles to the bottom finished it off nicely.  Keeping it light and airy…

A long time ago, I added the left over fabric around the canopy but it never blended in like I wanted it to.  Adding the British Rose ruffle under the tiny white ruffles makes it look cohesive now.

They look lovely with the new bedding I received for my birthday…I did a happy dance!

I just recently got rid of a settee I’ve had for many years and replaced it with this chair.  The settee was so impractical.  All it did was hold all of the bed pillows, lol.

Here it is at Christmas.  Very rarely was it ever without a load of pillows.

I still adore the mirror my sweetheart gave to me.  The little bird scroll finished it off, don’t you think?  The lampshade was one of two that I just recently made.

Being able to create British Rose pillows from the duvet was a thrill!  I’ve been wanting one for each section of the sectional sofa.  I’ve been blessed to have found the round Rachel Ashwell Pillow a few years ago at a friend’s thrift store.  She let me have it for $10!

White is just absolutely gorgeous to me paired with blue.  I think that’s why I love the British Rose print so much!  I apologize for saying “British Rose” over and over…but I love it!

I’ve spent years collecting it.  Starting from 2 shower curtains, lol!  I think I have enough of it scattered all around to give that special little touch of roses without it being too much.  The white definitely breaks it up so it’s not overwhelming for the hubby.  But who am I kidding…he’s living in a woman’s world in this house!

I still have so much more to blog about…but I am running out of time for today.  So please stay tuned in…there’s lot’s more to see!

Have a blessed rest of the week…tomorrow is Friday!!!  I think Louis is looking forward to the weekend and some lovin’!

16 thoughts on “There’s Always Room for More British Rose”

  1. GOSH YOU CHEER ME UP!!! Gorgeous! This is wonderful to be able to scroll down for picture after picture of Heaven!
    If you offered a magazine subscription with nothing but pictures of your awesome designs I’d totally subscribe!
    You’re amazingly talented!

  2. Girl your home is something people only dream about having. Your artistic talent and eye for decorating is phenomenal. Not only is everything so very beautiful but your home also looks so peaceful..comfy cozy and welcoming.
    When I saw that desk..I drooled. When you took it heart skipped a beat..but the end product is beyond delightful.
    How long has it taken you to make your dream home come to life?
    I want to copy that window wall you have. That is so unique and delightful.
    Hope you don’t mind me going on and on..but looking at your home brings me so much joy. And gives me so many wonderful ideas..
    Thank you for sharing your home with us.

    1. You’re so sweet LouAnn, thank you! It’s taken me about 10 years to get what I’ve always dreamed about. Slowly painting, working on a tight budget, sewing and lot’s of precious time that has been so well worth it. This is why I love to share, to help inspire so you copy the window wall!

  3. Dear Melanie, you are truly amazing! I think that the way you pair you pastels with white is so calming and beautiful. I loved a piece of fabric that is so beautifully faded with blue flowers. Great job!
    xx Jo

  4. Hola querida melanie, wuau , que dos mesitas de noche más encantadoras han hecho tu esposo y tu ,me súper encantan. Así como también es una delicia y gozada para la vista, los textiles con esa Rose británica,hace que tu hogar sea mucho más romántico, encantador, acogedor. Tienes un hogar de ensueño. Muchos besitos mi niña, Dios te bendiga, feliz fin de semana 😙😙

  5. Just found your blog by way of MISS MUSTARD SEED.
    Please explain the pattern and design of your lamp shades.
    I am a home sewer/quilter and would like to try to make one.
    Details, please!!!!!

    PS can I subscribe to your blog? Don’t see WHERE to do this.

    1. Thanks for paying me a visit! For the lampshades, I just use a big enough piece of fabric and pin to the shape of the shade, then sew. Along the way, I decide on embellishments, how I want the fabric to lay etc. I add whatever my mind thinks of. I love ruffles and make my own to add…some are raw edged, some are hemmed. It all depends on the look I am wanting. They’re pretty simple to make. For the more fluted smaller ones, I cut sections in the shape of each piece on the shade, sew together and then pin the two ends together on the shade to make sure it’s nice and tight. Then sew.

      For subscribing to my blog, there used to be a “Follow by email” box at the bottom but I am not seeing it now. I will have to figure this out…I’m still new to this stuff, lol! Thanks again for stopping by, I appreciate it so much!

  6. You pair things so well and love your color combos. It looks so pretty and serene. I love the look and enjoy all your patterns. Then I look around and know I will always be a warm hot colored person… . Thanks for offering a calm oasis.

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