Time Worn

Sometimes a good thing comes along when you least expect it.

For some time, I’ve had my heart set on replacing the little pink ladder.  It wasn’t quite tall enough to use for reaching the top of our upper cabinets.  I call on my tall daughter when she’s home, but she’s not always here to help me.  So I drag a bar stool over for me to climb up on…which is dangerous to say the least.

I did love it though!  I may get rid of it if I can’t find a place for it, soon.

So one day when I was online, I happened upon this little beauty for $15!   I can’t tell you how many wonderful things I’ve bought on yard sale sites!  I have wanted one of these little step stools for a long time.  So when I least expected it, there it was!

This was the perfect spot for it!  So my little brain started to think….PINK!

I took it out on the back deck for a fresh coat of white enamel spray paint after cleaning it.  The stair treads were in need of some glue, but in pretty decent shape.

Once I painted it, I used some satin pink paint that matches my walls and painted the back, seat and stair treads.  It looked a little plain, so I came up with thee idea of an applique.  I made the cottage letters then found a wreath I liked and edited it for printing on wax paper from my jet printer.  If any of you want to try this, I recommend looking up tutorials on YouTube.  That’s where I happened upon the idea a long time ago.

You have to reverse the letters before you print them to transfer the correct way.  I can’t tell you how many times I forgot to do this when I first started using wax paper!  Make sure you do not use on spray painted surfaces…it will not stick.  It’s best if you use a satin or a flat paint then seal with Modge Podge or a clear sealer spray.

And here it is!  I just think it turned out perfect!  A little weathered after brushing over the letters and wreath with some pink paint, but that’s the look I was going for!

I cannot stand for everything to look perfect…I love imperfections that make you think “Time Worn”.

It fits perfectly by the door once the steps are tucked under.  It’s such a little delicate, petite beauty!

The pale pink and white works so well in our kitchen.  I honestly don’t think I’ve ever loved a color this much as I do this color combination.  Believe me, our kitchen and living room been many colors!  Green, yellow, red, white…nothing made my heart happy like the pink did, though.

This is a time worn piece for sure….it’s truly vintage with a new lease on life!

So there you have it!  Before and Afters are always so much fun, aren’t they?!

I’ve started working on the outside now that the weather is pretty.  Lot’s of planting and painting and mowing!  Oh, and I can’t forget the de-weeding!

I hope all of you had a blessed Easter Holiday…I sure did!  I have to say it was the best ever!  Isn’t God good?!

12 thoughts on “Time Worn”

  1. I love what you did with this stool. Pink and white have always been great together. The cottage on the back just sets it off. I love your blog and enjoy your creativity. God bless you and your family. Brenda

  2. Hola Melanie, te ha quedado súper encantadora la silla. Si, el tono rosa y blanco en la cocina, es muy romántico. Si,Dios es muy bueno, y para siempre es su misericordia. Muchos besitos, Dios te bendiga 😙😙

  3. Hello Melanie i want to make some slip covers for my suite of furniture can you advise please!!!!! I dont evenknow how to begin!!!!! Hoenstly reall need your help!!! Thank you from Kathleen Teresa Heath Northern Ireland.

    1. I’d be happy to try and help. If you are familiar with you tube, just search “how to make a slipcpver”. There are some really good tutorials. Once you watch a few, you’ll see that making them isn’t really hard, just time consuming. I like using sheets for mine because they wear well. The only draw back is that if you are covering a print, you’ll need to line the cover. The keys to making a cover is knowing how to use a sewing machine and to pin…lot’s of pins! You’ll need to pin your fabric to the shape of your piece inside out. So when you sew it together, it will be right side out. Just watch some tutorials and you’ll see what I am talking about.

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