Who Loves Glasses?

Let’s face it…if you “have” to wear glasses, then you’ll want to read this post…

I have worn glasses since the 6th grade.  Throughout the years I’ve learned to LOVE glasses!  I didn’t so much in the beginning, lol.  Now I wear them like most women like to  jewelry.  But who can afford more than one pair when they cost upwards of hundreds of dollars even after insurance?  So a few years ago, I stumbled upon a site that offered affordable glasses. I was skeptical since I had purchased all of my glasses at the eye doctors office.   Of course they measure and fit you and you can try on all sorts of styles in glasses to see which looks best.  So I never ordered a pair.  Fast forward to when my husband lost his job and lost all of the benefits too!  Well, this family of four wears glasses and contacts…so you have to know when you pay out of pocket, it’s really pricey!  That’s when I said what the heck…I’d try this place called Zenni Optical.

I ordered these…..

I originally thought I had ordered them as sunglasses, but instead hit the wrong thing when checking out.  They are polarized for computer work, lol!  I wear bifocals, but didn’t order these with them since they were meant to be sunglasses.  I wore them to work one day and realized I could still see reading, so I kept them instead of returning them.  I had spoke to Zenni’s customer service and they were so nice and offered for a full refund once I returned them.  I was impressed!

So then, I re-ordered them in sunglasses!

This time, they were perfect!!!  They cost around $50 and that included priority shipping that I paid a little extra for.  My oldest daughter was so impressed,  that she decided to order a pair for herself only in black. (not photo’d)

I feel so cool in  my new sunglasses!  Oh how my eye’s appreciate me buying them to protect them in the glaring sun!  My blue eyes have suffered long enough!

Then…my youngest daughter ordered her a pair of sunglasses…a luxury she had never known.  Hers have a rose mirrored finish.  My oldest ordered a regular pair of glasses as well along with me ordering another pair with no line bifocals.  We got them within about 8 days….we are all so very pleased!  The cost for all 3 pair including priority shipping was $165!  So much cheaper than for just one pair that used to cost over $200!  I see this becoming a true addiction!  And yes, I know I’m using a lot of !!!! but I am so excited! lol

If you want to order a pair, visit http://www.zennioptical.com/ and start looking at their affordable and stylish glasses!  Please pay attention when purchasing them though…don’t whiz through like me and goof up, lol.   On your script from your eye doctor, this is what you will need.  The AXIS is for an astigmatism and the ADD is for bifocals.  If you don’t have any issues with either, this part won’t need anything filled out.

 You will need your PD (pupillary distance) which means where your eyes will rest in the lenses.   Here is a link to a PDF printout that will help you if you don’t have it on your script.  Most eye doctors will not write that on your script, you have to request it.


There are numbers on your glasses either on the arm and the nose that tell you what size your frames are.  I recommend staying within those numbers when looking at glasses to make sure they fit your face since you aren’t trying them on.  This is the width,  nose gap and arm length.

Now that my husband is back to work, we once again have insurance so I think we may focus on buying contacts from them and paying out of pocket for glasses through Zenni since they will still be cheaper.  We have Davis Eye Insurance and if any of you have ever dealt with them, you know why this statement is true.  So there you have my review of Zenni Optical!  Try them out…you’ll save lot’s of money and be stylish to boot!

5 thoughts on “Who Loves Glasses?”

  1. I have recently discovered Zenni too! Love my glasses which arrived in under a week – and to Australia, too! The price was fantastic, and I’ll be happy to order again from them.
    I’m glad you found a company that gave you a great product with great price and service. They do look lovely on you!
    Fiona xx

  2. When I need a new pair of glasses I will check this website out! A lot cheaper than what I paid last September! I love all three pair you have shown! They look really nice on you Melanie! I am going to share the info with my grown kiddos and grown grandchildren! Thank you!

  3. Hola querida Melanie. Si,unas gafas preciosas ,al menos a ti te quedan muy bien. A tener en cuenta la información que nos has compartido. Muchos besitos, Dios te bendiga 😙😙

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